Tinkering with Bullet Charts

After reading some of my other favourite data visualisation blogs (Storytelling with Data to be precise) I came across a new type of visualisation I’d not seen before – the Bullet Chart.

Once I saw Bill Dean combine the two-series bar chart into a bullet chart, I couldn’t help but think of my last blog post and the set of two-series charts I produced comparing British and Non British populations in London. Curious, I went about converting the charts I had made into this new format, and I’m very pleased with the results:

Data source: ONS, Population of the United Kingdom by Country of Birth and Nationality 2015

This way of displaying the data dealt with my main issues I had with the original versions:

  1. It was hard to tell which bars belonged to which Local Authority (LA);
  2. Due to the visual clutter of having so many bars in one chart, it was hard to pick out and compare the two series for each LA.

Bullet charts are definitely going to be something I consider in future when making two-series charts or gauges – I’m sold!

Download the excel file with the charts here.