Starting Back at Work

At the start of the month, I started back with my old team at NHS England working as (you may have already guessed it isn’t clinically based) a data analyst. I’m incredibly pleased to be back as my old job here was my stepping stone into the world of data analytics and Excel. Here I learnt how to leverage Excel to utilise a massive amount of its potential, use VBA to automate my work processes, create dashboards and create effective data visualisations. In an effort to get better at my job I pored over blogs like,, and (to name a few) spent countless hours adjusting and tweaking my work to better suit my users and strived to be better at every possible occasion.

The NHS is close to my heart and I deeply believe in the good that it does for our country, which may be a large reason why I have felt so compelled to work as hard as I have to improve myself and improve my work for the NHS. Within my first two weeks I’ve already pushed myself to understand and write queries in SQL to manipulate one of the NHSs largest data sets, SUS – a skill that I’ve been itching to acquire due to its necessity as a data analyst. We’ve also been seeing a large push in the NHS England analytical community to explore data science techniques, so rounds of training for SAS, Python and R have been offered (of which I will be attending none, but mainly because of limited places and because I’ve been learning Python in my own time for data visualisation – look forward to my next blog post most likely covering using Python to create data viz!).

Ultimately due to this, as it may already be evident for those of you that are regular visitors to the site (hopefully a non-zero number!), I will be ramping down content production. The last couple of months have been slow periods for me relative to the rest of the year, due to interviews, moving closer to work and a holiday to Florida with my parents, but I’m hoping to keep releasing new content at least once a month. Thanks so much for those of you who have been keeping up with my content and I really do hope it’s helped!